The Burger...or something.

The continuing saga of a McDonald's Cheeseburger....
Here is the original McDonald's Cheeseburger from February 3rd 2012. Day one of our experiment.

Here is the same burger 39 days later. This burger has been stored on the shelve, uncovered in my kitchen. No mold, no smell, no bugs.
It is considerably smaller, hard as a rock, and cracked in places. The cheese will not break. Its like hard plastic.


  1. Ewww. I cannot believe that there is no mold or anything. That's gross. The fact that it doesn't decay is alarming. Thanks for doing this. I find it fascinating! I've lost 10 pounds since January and the only thing I've changed is eating whole foods and making sure I don't eat too much. I am also not eating as much meat because I can't afford the better meat. That turns out to be a good thing!

  2. Blehhhccchhh...I am NEVER eating one of those "things" again!

  3. Oh!!! I had no idea it was that bad!

    It's a good thing we haven't been able to afford this kind of 'food' most of our lives! :)

  4. GROSS!! That is really horrid.


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