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On the Crafty Side:
The next time you see these lovely pieces of art they will be in the form of a baby blanket. Its taken quite a while to construct 140 "Lego" crochet blocks. I have made mine much bigger than the pattern. I also used colors to the liking of my Son and Daughter in Love.
 I learned a lesson: IF you find a free pattern you like do not just save the net address. ( bookmark) Copy the pattern and save it to your computer. The gal who came up with this lovely pattern had it for free on her blog. When I went back to figure out something ....it was no longer free. I am all for crafters making money so no complaints. Just a lesson learned! Because she is selling it and it is her design I am not going to post how tos on my blog. Check out All Things Bright and Beautiful Her price for the pattern is great and she also has a completed Lego Blanket for sale at a very reasonable price. ( it took a lot of hours!)

Our youngest did this awesome photo transfer art. This was a gift for her sister. Directions can be found at A Beautiful Mess

We celebrate two in April. This year they are 21 and 18!

The 18 year old

The 21 year olds photos have not yet been uploaded. But here is a photo of him on his sisters birthday.

 We surprised him by flying his girlfriend in for the week. It was a good  week!

Around the garden: We really did not have a winter. Spring has been cool and wet. The roses are loving it! I have a few pots of herbs, some sunflowers and bedding plants planted. No big plans this year except to keep up with what we have.

I know you cannot see both of  them. They are there I promise. A lovely pair of doves and their nest full of eggs.


  1. Such pretty pictures. That lego blanket looks so cute. And I've done the same thing, made a hard copy of an actual pattern in case it goes by-by on the web. But I haven't done it with all of them, maybe I should. :)

  2. I love love love the Lego blanket. We are in the Lego playing stage here. Excited to see the finished project. My dd has been learning to crochet from youtube. I bought her her first supplies at Easter. She has made her first dishcloth. However, it is small....so she is giving it to her younger sister for her play kitchen, ha.
    Your kids are just so beautiful and handsome!!! It is amazing to me how much they have grown since I have been following your blog.
    Loved reading and catching up a bit.

  3. Oh, that Lego blanket is so pretty!!! Thanks for your comment the other day. I am very sad, of course, but the new kitty is so charming and fun.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your experience with the afghan. Brenda's Bric-a-Brac! I hope you visit again.

    I am glad I made a hard copy of the pattern but it is a great pattern and worth the price she is now charging.


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