Friday Ramblings

I worked hard in the garden today. ( Did you know 1 hr of gardening burns 218 calories?) We have had a very wet spring. So I am finding pest and mildew on the roses even though I treat them every 8 weeks. I trimmed all the dead flowers and problematic leaves and stems. What I love about these  Knock Out roses is that they grow fast and bloom a ton.
I think over 3/4 of the sunflower seeds we planted were raided by squirrels or birds. Very sad. On a good note the Impatience from last year are starting to sprout! This means I will have a bit of color in the front beds. And the Hydranga have almost tripled in size and are blooming!

School is out for our gals except one more week ( 2 days) at their enrichment classes. It feels good to be done! Naomi will graduate in a week! I spent some time coming up with a course of study for Emily for next year. ( she helped). So many choices. I think we have come up with a plan. Geometry, English 11, Vocabulary 11, American Government, Economics, Consumer Math, Geology, Chinese 3, Guitar 3. I will only need to purchase 2 text books and 1 music book. She has started on the Geometry because she does not want to do alot of classes in her Senior year.
Naomi is going to take the SAT one more time. Then we will register at the local community college. Currently she would like to take Interior Design. Our college offers a 2.5 year associated degree program for Interior Design.

I am off for a walk. YEP I am moving my body. We are gonna loose this extra baggage! I like to use this site to see how many calories I burn. Calories Burned

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  1. Go Tina! I really need to get back to my walking. I use every excuse under the sun!!! Including the sun!! What curriculum do you use?


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