Its Worth It

I have been homeschooling for 21 years. Over all its been a great ride. However there are days when its hard, very hard. On those days you doubt your abilities, doubt if you have done the right thing. There are days with tears, and frustration. Words spoken that you wish you had not.
But its worth it all.
Here are the words that were written on the inside of my mothers day cards from my gals this year.

You Are Loved
I don't say it quite as much as I should, but I love you.
You are always there for me.
And I know we fight and don't always see eye to eye,but I truely love you with all of my heart.
And thanks for teaching we for all of these years. I don't regret ever being homeschooled. I mean how many kids get to hang out with their mom every day?!
You're an awesome mom and I would never ask for another. I love you. Emily ( age 15)

Dear Mom,
I love you so much . And today I just want to take an extra minute and let you know how much you mean to me! I really appreciate you. How you've  raised me in a Christ centered home, put my education first, loved me for who I am, and most of all brought me to a relationship with Christ. Thank you so much for working so hard to get me through school. I hope you feel loved this Mothers Day.Love you Naomi. ( age 18)

I cherish these kinds of gifts. I also cherish the gifts I get from my boys. They usually do not write me notes. This year I received two beautiful plants: a rose bush and another flowering bush.

Both boys at some point in their college careers thanked me for teaching them.They said they knew how to study, how to find stuff, and think outside the box.

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Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. Psalms 143:8