Thursday Ramblings

Today is day two of lifestyle changes. I am counting calories, eating good food ( no processed stuff), and measuring portions. My goal is to loose 21 lbs. The immediate goal is to feel better and get into that drawer full of jeans that are just too tight....
I was going to use Spark People. It worked before and why not try it again? I even signed up again...set all the goals and jumped through all the hoops. But then I just felt overwhelmed by all the stuff in my face when I go to the page. So much to see and read. My daughter Emily showed me Lose It. This is a simple web page for me to log what I eat and if I want I can also log my exercise. I love it. No fluff. Just business. I think this will work.
I cut my own hair yesterday. Since no one noticed I am assuming I did okay! I only took an inch off ( it was just a tad beyond my shoulders)  I really do not like going into a hair cut place to get a trim. I have super straight, super fine hair and I always walk out dissatisfied. Usually too short and too choppy.  And $15.00 in the hole.
 All in all I am glad I tried it.  I have been cutting my own bangs for about a year now. But doing the whole head just frightend me. I looked up several articles on how to do it. Found one that I was comfortable with and just went for it.
 I have been coloring my hair for nearly a year now. I like how it makes me look younger. But then I read the following verses....and wondered....
" Gray hair is a crown of splendor: it is attained by a righteous life." Proverbs 16:31
" The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old" Proverbs20:29
Gray hair is my crown of splendor! Perhaps I should let it grow out and sport that crown!

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  1. As for hair, I am on the fence myself. I don't want to be all gray, but then, coloring seems like something you have to always keep up. Good for you being able to cut your own hair! I hate going myself. That's why I go once a year and it grows long!


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