Adventures With Emily

Morningstar Academy will only have one student this year. I am coming to grips with it! We have already begun to cross off adventures on our field trip list.
The River...
Cannot really cross this off as we go almost weekly. So much to see and explore. This area is within walking distance of our home. ( though we choose to drive because of the construction).
Great place for catching critters and observing them...

These are crawfish babies.
This branch of the river is very toxic due to industry. This has opened many doors to conversation about the river system and how it affects us.
We have also observed the removal of an old bridge and the rebuilding of a new one.
The new bridge has been in process all year. Its amazing to watch. A beautiful piece of art to behold.
I have a few photos but this site ( on flicker) has a ton. http://www.flickr.com/photos/53481440@N03/sets/72157627119205753/

We could visit this place many times and never see all the treasures it has to offer. It is a Civil War mecca so to speak. Each time we go we find something new to do. This past weekend we found ourselves nearly alone on our adventure ( tourist must have been at home!) It was peaceful.
We explored things from past eras at an antique store. This store goes on forever! Through layers of dust , boxes of treasures, stacks of chairs ...it is a feast for the eyes and it tickles the history loving soul.
 This has always been a farmers market. It is still in use today.

 No trip would be complete without trains.

 In the train station.
 Cobblestone streets and granite sidewalks.
 Amazingly old iron work.

 Isn't the dress beautiful!
 Family photo! The items in the window are moulds for steel works ( cast).

 Love all the hidden stairways.
 At the National Battlefield. Need days to discover all it has to tell.

Walking the grounds where freedom was fought for on our soil is humbling.
We discovered some areas that were not as popular but much older than the main tourist area. ( late 1600s and 1700s era) We were out of time so this awaits are next visit.
We also did not get to the cemeteries. Oh the history that is inscribed on the tomb stones is so interesting!
We are playing at Geometry throughout the summer. At least that is what one would say if they walked in on one of our lessons last week. We assembled 3D shapes, cut open fruit, created on dot paper and used monopoly houses as props. She found perspective very easy as she has done it in art for many years. Our goal is to not have any math in her Senior year.


  1. Love all the pics. Great exploring fun!! Love the pics of the family reflections in window....I always like in direct pics.

  2. What a great place to explore! I've always wanted to come east and see it all. Maybe some day....


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