Discovering Edible Plants in My Yard

I have spent some time looking at what is edible and helpful to eat in my yard.This all started when I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. I would love to eat like that. If the price per month per person was not so steep I would. Its nearly 400 a month just for one person. Can't justify that or afford that. But I can look at cheaper or free sources of greens. I can also cut back on processed foods ( or not eat them at all), sugar, and meat with fat. Of course I would love a juicer...but the blender will have to do.
So here is what I found in my yard so far.
Edible Weeds
Day flower
Dead Nettle
Day Lilly
Garlic Mustard
Indian Strawberry
Lambs Thumb
Lambs quarter
Common Violet
Wood Sorrol
White Clover
I also have Basil, Tarrogon, Lemon Balm, RoseMary, Queen Annes Lace, Roses, and Perilla.  ( I planted these)

I am currently putting together a guide so I can identify the plants and know just what they are used for. We do use herbicides some times. I will need to be careful where I harvest. ( we spray the fence lines)

My hope is to use some of these natural and free greens on my journey to better health.


  1. I have found farmers markets the best place for my greens, veggies, etc. I do not have a consistant one due to always traveling, but most place have them. Our grocery budget is $400/month for the 5 of us. When we ate horrible I could coupon, get processed, and be under budget. Now I spend the WHOLE amount and some times have to find extra in another category. However we are eating better and increased veggies by lots, ha.
    It takes work to be healthy and stay healthy, but I do feel better....just have to remember that at all times.

  2. I liked that movie, too and agree with you that it is expensive. I often have been tempted to try dandilion greens, but can't get there! How is your daughter-in-law feeling these days by the way? I'm sure her time is getting near! So excited for you.

  3. I have recently watched that movie, too. Have you seen "Forks over Knives?" I highly recommend it. How neat to find edibles in your backyard; I'd like to try that. :)

    Loved your previous post and all the photos, especially all the antique things. :)

    Have a lovely day!
    Shani xxx


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