Fall is in the Air!

I love the change of seasons, cooler weather, changes in the trees and flowers, the smell. Its all so refreshing. We have had the windows open everyday. I have cleaned and cooked a ton. Something about the fall air makes me want to be in the kitchen. School is so easy with just one...still adjusting to all the free time I have . ( of course we know its not free...that I am filling it with long undone things) Working on getting the garden weeded and mulched for winter.
One of many fall activities at our house start with these!

And a little decorating. I really am not in the mood to do a lot this year. Just a touch of color.
This table and chairs was a gift from a friend. I love it!!!!!
Another gift from the same friend. I plan to recover it in waterproof fabric and paint the legs white. It will then match the porch furniture. Of course the cats think it belongs to them. That is Abby.
Fall baking. This is cheese bread.
This is basic artisean bread. My family loves this. It is so easy to make.
Our long walk this week. Each week we take an extra long walk in a nature area. We walk daily in the neighborhood however it is nice to get out of the noise a bit and enjoy nature.

This is what cats do in the fall. Find a sun spot.
 Or in Behrs case just nap,


  1. I have been baking too. I just posted 2 of the new recipes I tried this week. (More to come because I just baked Cinnamon bread and my oldest said it was the best thing I have ever made....so I have to write a post on it soon). It was sooo easy. Make sure you post the finish pics on that foot stool...I love stuff like that. Bread looks soooo Yummy!!!

  2. Fall is just the best time of the year, I think! Love your fur babies. I want a cuddly one! Dorothy is young and too full of energy to sit on a lap. Loved the nature hike pictures!

  3. Fall is one of my most favorite time of the year. Your pictures look like you are having fun, and keeping busy. :)


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