Photo Update

Hello Friends! Here is a photo update.
My sister and I getting some photos done with her adorable canine companions.I had a great time in Minnesota.
Dear Naysa whom we had to give up to someone with more experience. She had / has so many fears and became unpredictable.
It seems we are never too old for legos. This is Emily's Lego area.
Emily is now 16.
She made this shirt herself ( hungar games motif).
This shirt is also her own creation.
She wanted a pair of boots. We found these at an Army Navy store.  ( which landed me a cleaning job as the co owner ask me if I could clean her house!)
Pink hair for the first day of enrichment classes. No she is not goth...or anything like that. Just has fun making her own stuff and being herself. Her style is all her own.
Emily built this fire pit. Its larger than it looks. Looking forward to using it a lot this fall.
Her creativitiy is endless. This is a stuffed critter designed after one of her drawings.
Fancy Rose looking happy.
Baby Zeek at 7 weeks. Most adorable baby ever!

Homeschooling one is interesting. I have time on my hands which I am using to organize, read, weed, clean, cook, ect. I also find the one on one time sweet!
We plan to get fit this year. Walking as often as we can, doing simple exercises, and of course changing what we put into our mouths. So far this is proving fun. Having a partner is very helpful! Our current walking time is one hour.

Not sure how blogging will be this school year. Doing my best to use my time wisely and limit time on the computer.


  1. Wondeful catching up!!!! I love the crafts and the creating Emily does. Wishing you the best!!! love you!!

  2. What a great catch up. Glad you all had a great trip.
    Blessings, Dawn


Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. Psalms 143:8