Homemade Noodles

My first attempt at homemade noodles a few years ago was a failure. Since then I was reluctant to try again ( after all the mess and work!) This week I tried a new to me recipe and had fabulous success! The whole family loved the flavor and texture of these noodles.This is a rich hearty noodle with eggs, milk and butter. Very filling. I served it with a meat marinara sauce. Served 6
 You can find the recipe here: Homemade Egg Noodles
The whole process was quite simple. It took me 5 minutes to mix, 10 minutes for a rest period, and maybe 10 minutes to roll and cut the noodles. My biggest challenge? To find enough space for the drying noodles. I ended up putting them in the toaster over with the door open for airflow.

Mixed it with a fork to start with, but honestly doing it by hand helps you to know just when the dough is come together. You could also just mix this on your pastry board ( skip the bowl and the fork)
 I tried the roll and cut method. Prefer to just cut the dough when it is flat. I had a hard time unrolling the noodles! I enjoyed doing it with the pizza cutter. The dough was not thin enough. I need to work on that. I also need to practice making uniform shapes.
 Drying time. This step can be skipped and the noodles can go right into a pot of boiling water or broth. The noodles only take about 2 minutes to cook!
 The finished product.


The amazing taste and wholesomeness of these noodles make it worth the time and effort. The recipe is quite economical as well. About 60 cents per batch of noodles. Egg noodles in the store run about $1.78 per 12 oz in our region ( Wal Mart and Food Lion)


  1. Awesome!!! I have always wanted to try this. I am not much of a pasta eater....but I think if I made homemade it would be better.

  2. I thought of this post today as I was grabbing a bag of noodles. I put them back. That committed myself to making your noodles!!! I'll let you know how they turn out.


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