NO More Photos?

I was all set to do a nice update post with pictures of Christmas decorations, grand baby cuteness, puppy antics, and more. Apparently I have used all my allotted free photo storage on blogger. So whats a post with out a photo or two or ten?
Anybody have any suggestions? Do I need to go back to using phtotobucket? Its been so long I am not sure I even know the password let alone how to upload!


  1. I use Flickr, never did like Photoshop. I didn't know blogger had a limit on photos. I hope you find a solution you like, soon. :)

  2. I didn't know there was a limit either, but I pay $5 a year to Google for extra storage in their cloud for music, pictures, and documents. I hope you find a solution soon. We sure don't want to miss pictures of your precious grand baby!


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