This is a Test

For those that do not know..YES Blogger only allows you a certain amount of free storage.  ( after all nothing in life is free!) This is what pops up when you have used your allotted amount.

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Photos are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1 GB free quota for photos. Additional storage you purchase is shared between several Google products and is in addition to your free quota.
Anyway I am trying out flicker.

Meet Luna. I am not a reptile person. Don't hate them ( they are beautiful at a distance!). So when our oldest son mentioned that this one needed some TLC and could we take a look, we took the plunge. We were shocked to learn that this gal has been left alone without food. water, heat or uv light, and most of all human contact for about four months. I was sure she would die. If nothing else from the sheer shock of being transported in her frail condition. We quickly looked up and read as much info as we could. Did everything she needed to have done and waited. It will be a week tomorrow. She is now holding her own, gaining weight and energy. She gets excited when we feed her. This is a photo of her first bath. Poor gal could not hold up her head. The glass lid did a great job supporting her. Baths help to hydrate, shed loose scales, stimulate bowels, and when she is stronger help to exercise her. I was surprised at how soft her skin is ( once she hydrated). Touching her was hard for me at first. This little gal may just change my mind on reptiles. She is amazingly sweet.



  1. Hi Tina! I am liking the look of that biscuit bread. We make biscuits probably three times a week.
    My source of free insulin is Eli Lilly's program at LillyTruAssist.com. She would have to be using Eli Lilly brand insulin, but it's the same as Novo. If your sister qualifies they will send six months' supply to her doctor's office, and she can pick it up there. Her doctor has to request refills, and she will have to reapply each year. I like this because it is privately, not publicly funded. It took maybe three weeks from application to pick-up. And I am ever so grateful. I need to write the company a thank-you note!
    I don't think that lizard would grow on me. Well, maybe............?

  2. I hope flickr works for u, I like it. thats an interesting pet. :-)

  3. So glad you left a comment on my blog - I hadn't been on yours for ages and just spent some time catching up! So neat to see what you're doing to help rescue animals, and I can't wait to try your granola recipe, and love, love, love the book dresser, and...now I'm STARVING after looking through your posts! I shall immediately head to the kitchen for some breakfast. Will be back soon to check on Little Lizard Girl, poor thing.


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