Catherdal Window Progress

I am finally at the point with the Catherdal Window that I have been waiting for: assembly! Putting all the squares together and sewing in the windows. I have been very persistant to get to this point. I now know I will be able to finish it on time!

My Sewing buddy. Luna is on the table right behind my sewing machine. She is getting lots of attention these days. DSCN3769 Thought I would never get through the piles of squares. So thankful to a friend for giving me some more fabric. Catherdal Window quilts are heavy on the fabric. This one ( double size ) is near 22 yards. DSCN3776
DSCN3780 Here are all the squares completed and ready to start the assembly process! ( 624!) And they all fit in this tote bag. DSCN3782
This is my other sewing buddy. He was not so sure about snow. DSCN3777


  1. That is a ton of squares! Love your sewing buddies. Don't the cats help? lol. They probably would want to be right in the middle of it all!

  2. That is a lot of squares, I can't wait to see it all put together. :)


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