Quilt Is Slow ...

But steady. I thought it would move a bit faster at this point however it is quiet tedious work. I have completed two full rows.
I am also working on another project starting this weekend. This bag of fabric represents the decorations at a young friends wedding. They had a Shabby Chic wedding and it was quite beautiful. I am going to create a quilt with the fabrics from the decorations.
Here is a shot of the pups... gotta love the boys spots! So cute.
On the homeschool front...I only have 5 quarters left in my homeschool career. That was my thought last week as I did grades! I started homeschooling in 1991. It is time to start considering what I will be doing after the baby graduates next year!


  1. The quilt looks great, and I love the colors of the fabric. I'm sure you will find something great to do next year. Maybe more quilting. :)

  2. I would think the quilt would be tedious, but oh so wonderful! Those hounds are precious! They're huge, taking the whole couch! I want to foster cats when I graduate from home school. :)

  3. The quilt looks beautiful! :-) Those are some puppies...I love dogs, sure do miss Sunny :-( This June Bryan will move to his farm, and he'll get a puppy that I can play with there so that'll be nice! Enjoy the last remaining year of hs-ing...it will go fast!


  4. I love the quilt!!!!!!!! You are doing an amazing job!!!


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