Wedding Quilt is Done!

I recently attended a young couples wedding. I have known both of these kids since they were very young and love them dearly. I told them that they would be receiving a quilt from me as a wedding gift and I would have it done by summer. As I walked around the reception area of the wedding I began to see just what I could do for their special quilt. The decor was Shabby Chic. There were swatches of fabric tied around each chair. I ask the person if I could have a few of the swatched to put into the quilt. To my surprise I got all the swatches!
After cutting them up this is what I had. Nothing really matches. It was a huge challege for me.
I had a couple of soft sheets that would be good to go between the colors. Found the batting for 1/2 price and the thread for 1/3rd of the regular price. Here is the final product. A queen size Shabby Chic Rag Quilt that is reversable.
 Reverse side does not have matchy colors next to each other. That is okay with the folks getting it. They don't like stuff that matches.
 I made several puffy hearts on the quilt.

And here is the beautiful grandchild...  7 months.
And the pups.... ( cats are not in many photos right now as they are living upstairs. They sneak down at night when the pups are in their crates)
Now back to this quilt!!!!!!


  1. What a beautiful quilt. I love the colors, so pretty.

  2. Your skill amazes me! I love the idea that it can be turned over for totally different looks. And those hounds! What loves they are! Poor kitties though. I hope they can learn to like the dogs one day. Sigh. My own kitties live separate, but equal lives. I broke down today and bought the expensive phermone diffusers, 2 of them. My husband is being so patient. I hope this helps. Of course, I need to be patient. Cutie pie 7 month old! He's really growing too fast. :-)

  3. The wedding quilt is just beautiful, Tina! I love the shabby chic look! You did a terrific job. I know how it is when you've known young people since their childhood and then celebrate their weddings...very special, indeed :-)

  4. What a LOVELY gift! It looks soooooo pretty. You out did yourself again with all that talent you have. I am sure this couple felt VERY blessed indeed.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))


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