New Blog Name?

Yep. Our homeschool years are coming to a close in May this year. Our last 'student' does most of the work all by herself. So its on to a new chapter in our life. A homeschool parent is never really done teaching...it just evolves into a different kind of working relationship. So what will I do with my time?
This is project number one: The Ohio Star.
This is a practice block and you will not get to see the real thing until it is given as a gift .
I hope to spend more time with the maker of this adorable keepsake. ( and his parents of course)
Working on family memories for the kids. Hope to get photos, journals and keepsakes together in a fun way for each of my kids. 
So what will I share on here? Well not sure yet. Recipes, craftings, good finds, are a given. I promised the kids limited photos of them.  ( but not the fur kids!)


  1. Yes, all good things must end. I'm working closer every day to that myself, it seems. You should share all those things you mentione, to serves as a record.

  2. Yep, things like that need to change as our life's journey changes. I look forward to the things you will be sharing. :)


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