Click 365 Catch up

Life has been productive beyond measure.

I have had an abundance of homes to clean. Very thankful for the work. Of course this leaves my home not quite in order. Hope to catch up on that this weekend.

All this extra work is helping meet the goal of being able to visit my sister in Minnesota this summer! My savings jar is a litter worse for wear but it is getting full and I am excited to be able to make it this summer.
This is a chunk of that tooth...the one that has hurt for so many years ( after a second filling was put in) Thankfully it no longer hurts. I am also thankful for a dentist that will be helping me with the rest of the tooth. I am assuming they will have to pull it.

Finished a knitted hat and scarf.  This took a long time and a lot of taking out and restarting. But I think I am hooked on knitting now!

I have been getting up before the sunrise. It is quite beautiful to watch the sun come up and finally hear the birds chirping. We have had some 70 degree days and that has been very delightful.

Captain carefully getting a treat. This baby has a very large over bite so this is no easy task for him. He is so gentle. This young lady has been busy. Her life as a senior is more than overflowing. She works. does school, goes to enrichment classes, and works at church as a youth leader. And has time for social activities.


  1. How wonderful to have the abundance of work and save up! Giving praise on your tooth situation, too.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I am so glad you are able to save up for a MN trip!! Your pup is so precious. And, especially glad you are not in pain!!!

  3. Sounds like you have been busy. So glad you are saving the money you need for your trip. :)


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