Click 365: Spring....at least this Week!

It is 70 degrees today. Just yesterday it was cold and rainy and gray. Next week we are in for another cold spell. I think this winter can truly be classified as bi- polar!
These beautiful flowers always bloom when it is still cold at night. Truly the first sign of spring.
Another sign of spring: The Prom. This is our youngest child's last prom. We have spent some time finding "the dress". Part of that journey is trying on all different styles just for fun.
This is NOT the dress! It was so pretty on the hanger. She found a stunning and very modest dress at an amazing price. Sorry not allowed to share it yet. But here is the color.
I have been practicing new knitting stitches. I make a swatch for each new stitch I learn. So far I have four. Working on working in the round as well.  Here is the waffle stitch. Its easy to remember and I love the texture.
I finished a pair of fingerless gloves using the basket weave stitch.
Hoping Spring comes to stay...so I can put my knitting away and get out to the garden!


  1. It must be somewhat sad for it to be the last prom. Can't wait to see the dress.

  2. Such a pretty flower. We don't have any blooming yet, but hopefully soon. :)

  3. Lovely color for the dress -- can't wait to see it! We are excited for spring blooms, too :)


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