Click 365: March Madness Project

We all have spaces in our home where stuff just gets put away any which way... our home has a huge 5 ft by 26 ft walk in attic. It is low. I cannot stand up in the space. The access door is in a bedroom. Its a small door and sometimes it takes creative thinking to get stuff through the door. About 2 times a year we straighten up the space and make it all neat and usable. You will see the old light fixtures and electrical wires ( they are not connected anymore but were when we moved in). And there is a lovely window. This use to be the space where the hay was stored when our home was a Carriage House. The hay was taken in and out of the window ( which use to be a outward swinging door. We have the door). The use to be a corral beneath the window. ( before the building was turning 90 degrees in 1900)
We have another attic. Thankfully no one likes to go up to that one! The stairs are pull down and steep. The floor is not finished up there. To be fair to ourselves....we do not have a garage and the closet space in this old home is tight.
So this is my March Madness goal. Get this mess back in shape! The challenge is the tight space and the inability to drag it all out through the small door. Its stuffy and either hot or cold in their. Years ago we put plexi glass over the widow and cardboard on the knee walls, a rug and some toys and the kids actually played at the light end of the attic during the fall and late spring. Was a nice space for them when they were small.
 A lot of the stuff is in limbo till the older children have homes of their own. Their treasures all packed up. My guess is that they will not want most of it. But I promised to hold on to it for them.


  1. I love small nooks and crannies and I'm sure that you will find order. It's a work of joy as you hold onto things for your children.

  2. That is quite a project, but what a story about the window. How interesting.

  3. Hi Tina, how nice to see a familiar "face" at my poor blog this morning. Thanks for your comments! This space is very familiar. IN fact, I think you were here taking pictures of MY storage space recently. Same story-- I spend hours cleaning it up, and immediately we start throwing things in there again. Could we pile them nicely? Nah. I credit you for continuing your blogs so consistently. I'm hoping/intending/determined to keep on now!


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