February in Review

In a nutshell sometimes things just do not go as "planned". I was sidelined by TN.(Trigeminal neuralgia ) the second week of the month. This put a stop to daily exercise. I made it through work and minimal daily stuff at home. Thankful for more work. ( I clean homes). Eating the proper foods went out the window. Soft foods that did not have to be chewed became my go to. Trust me they were not diet type foods!
Through it all I still knit. This was as much to keep my mind focused elsewhere as to keep my hands busy. I am still learning. I tore a lot out. Finally mastered picking up a dropped stitch! ( that is such a big milestone for me). I even learned how to tear out just a small portion without loosing any stitches. For those of you who are experts...we all have to start somewhere!
I stated the Ohio Star. Got nowhere! One has to really be alert and pay attention when working on matching the points of this quilt. Hubby cut me a block out of plexi glass so I can square up easier.
I also trimmed all the Knockout Roses. No easy task. These beauties are over 6 ft. ( I am short) And they do not lack huge thorns. I brought all six bushes down to 3 1/2 feet. It has been bitterly cold but I see lots of signs of spring. Buds on everything, birds singing and a lot of Robins in the yard. The rose bushes are bursting to take off when the warm weather gets here.
I am on the mend from the TN. Had a minor flare up today. However I plan to start exercising today. Slow and steady. Back on regular good food as well. Although I may have to cook the veggies to eat them.
I am looking forward to warm weather! Here are some garden shots past years. Come on Spring,


  1. I'm sorry that you suffered with so much pain. Lovely captures and I will continue to pray for the pain to cease.

  2. Those are great photos. Sorry about the pain you have gone through, glad you can start working out again.


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