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 He is very serious about making his toy squeak.
 Car repairs in the works. ( once the weather cooperates)
 Flowers for me. ( when I had my tooth pulled)
 Cleaning out hidden spaces. These two file drawers are a whole trash bag lighter!
 Planning my summer trip by bus! It is by far the cheapest way to travel. 

Found this vintage bag at the thrift store for two bucks! It may have been used once. Perfect condition. Great size for my carry on bag on my trip.


  1. Hi Tina! LOVE that bag...what a great find for your travels! I just now found your comment on my Serenity in the Suburbs blog, that was sitting in my "waiting for review" area...so sorry I didn't see it before! It was from February, about my book review. So it's up now! Thanks for leaving it! You asked how things were going at the farm...we're doing well. I have a blog with details (that's why I'm not posting as much at my original blog), here's the URL: http://farmbeginnings.blogspot.com . The official farm website is: http://www.farmonthehill.net , and there's yet another blog linked to that site. The Farm Beginnings blog is more personal, with pics of the house interior, and day-to-day activities. The blog connected to the business website has only posts related to the business-side of farm life, so will have stuff about the animals, the land, sustainable agriculture, etc. Hope you can visit there, too!

  2. What fun pictures. Love the bag, it's very pretty.

  3. Beautiful bag and how exciting to prepare for your trip. Lovely flowers and hope that you have recovered from your tooth pain.


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