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Being busy is good. Lots of Spring cleaning, work and crafting going on. Cleaning unseen things. You know behind the furniture, in the cupboards, ect. The attic is finished! Moving on to the exterior. The front porch is calling.

 The garden needs all of my attention. Thanks to many days of rain and a few warm days the weeds are taking over.The odd cold and long winter has caused some of my plants to go brown . They look very sad.

 I have waited two years for this to bloom! Its not big yet but so glad it has bloomed.
 Jazmin is blooming but has brown tips on the leaves and wilt.
 The maple looks great though!
Not sure what to do with the azalea's. They are a mess.

My dear daughter turned 20 today.  ( she is child number three)

This is the latest craft. Sorry you cannot see it...clearly. It is a Christmas gift. I have to say I love knitting and am glad that I have stuck with it.

All these parts are finally in/on the car. Thankful that my husband can do the repairs himself.
Afternoon roll call treat fest.

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  1. Glad things are starting to grow for you. Sweet pictures.


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