An Old Friend Fresh and New

Today we went to the Chrysler Museum. This museum has been a part of our homeschool for a very long time. We took advantage of the free days, amazing docents, workshops and traveling exhibits. It is an amazing teaching tool. The museum was closed for over a year for major renovations.
It was such a joy to visit today. A fantastic job was done to make the museum very handicap friendly. I was very impressed. Our visit today was very short ( someone tripped a fire alarm!) but we really loved all the fresh new surfaces, larger exhibit rooms, and new exhibits. Here are a few highlights. I have many pictures from over the years so only took a few photos of new things.
 This is the fabulous new floor in the glass exhibit. I love it!!!! It is made of cedar blocks.
 Yep that is the duck...from inside the museum.

 These were odd things to me. But very old and used at one time in street plays.
 Love the display cabinet.
 Glass Ornaments.
 Lovely vase.
 Metal on glass. We are in the ball!
 Fabulous curtain tie back.
 Sisters! Lovely daughters. They saw most of the second floor of the museum. Youthful legs and energy.
The duck leaves today...so one more shot!

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