Handmade Christmas Nearly Done

With a goal to make everyone a gift this year ( and every year) there is always a chance it will not be completed. However I think we will reach that goal this year. Only two more gifts to make to complete a knitted or crocheted gift set for everyone. On to other gifts after that ( Jewelry, photo crafts and more). Here is the most recently finished set: hat, infinity scarf, fingerless gloves, and boot toppers.


  1. Wow, that is great. I always want to get gifts done early, but I just can't make myself work on Christmas things in the summer, Just doesn't seem right. :)

    1. With work and life being unpredictable I always start in January with the hopes of sticking to it. This year there will be very little cash for Christmas so I have been working hard to keep on task! Crafting in the summer is easy here. It is so hot and humid outside.

  2. Wow! So impressed :) I haven't even been able to finish putting away our school books from this past school year....hehe!


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