Tightwad Tuesday


Keeping your washer efficent....that may not seem like a tightwad topic but it is! Our washer had begun to leave a scum on the clothes...we were rewashing some of them especially the dark ones. We live where the water is a bit hard and we get soap build up. Here is what we do to fix the problem. Run a full load without clothes with 2 gallons of white vinegar in it. Make sure you pour vinegar in the despensers and in the middle. Fill the tub and then let it sit for one hour before you finish the cycle. You will be amazed at how clean your machine is ( or like me at how dirty is was. Open it up half way through the cycle. You will be amazed at the scum)

I found some articals on how to clean your machine. They have similar ideas. I do not use hot water...too expensive and I use way more vinegar. My machine is sparkling and I no longer need to rewash anything. Of course no one but you will enjoy the nice clean inside of your washing machine!





  1. This is a good tip. I'm going to try this asap.

    Do you think anyone would be interested in some posts on saving money with coupons?

    I have lots of knowledge on that. Or would that be to boring?


  2. That is a great tip! The washer we currently have is white on the inside, so the scum turns the top part dark. It is pretty gross. I'll have to try the vinegar and see if it gets it off.

  3. What a GREAT tip. I love hearing natural tips that work. It is amazing what things like baking soda and vinegar can do. I should clean my washing machine now talking about it. [0=

    Sending you a HUGE ((HUG))

    In HIm<><


  4. I hadn't thought to do that! I'll have to consider it! Thanks for the tip! :)


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