TGIF! Show and Tell Friday with Canada Girl

This was suppose to be a week off to clean and purdge. I made my list...tweeked it and got to work. Good thing I am flexible because I only accomplished 2 things on my list.

I got the hallway art gallery started and done for the moment. I cleaned yet again places not seen. ( you know inside of drawers, behind stuff, ect), put away most of the winter clutter. I never got to that mess under the stairs or mopping all the floors, nor dusting the whole house. It did not stay dry long enough to do the lawn. However today looks promising.

There were many milestones reached at our home this week. We have two birthdays this week. My middle daughter turned 15 and my middle son will be 18 on Saturday.

My oldest son and his gal announced their engagement and wedding date! Both were baptised on Sunday! ( Very cool because both my hubby and I got baptised together before our wedding...the kids did not know this)


Our kids trying to be serious for a picture ( not!)




  1. Congratulaitons on the future wedding. It is very cool that they were baptized together.

  2. All kinds of CELEBRATIONS going on at your house ! How fun !!

    oh btw...yes we did pick up our van and I will share it on this coming S&T plus the other project we got done on the house. God is good all the time...all the time God is good !

    Thank you for celebrating with my SSiC. ((HUGS))

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) in Him<><


  3. How blessed to see the happy couple being baptized! Congrats on their engagement too. What happy, full times for you! Rejoice!

    Oh, and I sure hope I remember to put up the Bible Challenge this week. I'm at our homestead and things move a little slower over here, and that includes the internet! :-(

  4. What a wonderful week. It looks like lots of great things that were not on your list happened.



  5. AWESOME!!!!!! Love the pics. Happy Birthday to the kiddos.Also congrats to your son and your dil to be. Be blessed,


  6. It sounds like many exciting things happened with the birthdays and engagements. There is much to celebrate.

    PTL that they have been baptized and cool to do that together. May their marriage be blessed and give glory to God.


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