Today we planned a fieldtrip to our favorite museum: The Chrysler  Museum of Art. We are so blessed to have this treasure in our town! Last year we went nearly every Wednesday ( the free day) to soak up art of the masters and see special exhibits.  The gals would bring their art bags and spend quality quiet time sketching. So today was really no different...its Wednesday so its free. Well we found out today that every day is going to be free from now on!!! They had a celebration going on with balloons, yummy cake, coffee for all. Special exhibits will cost money but with our teacher/student discounts it will be managable. Now we no longer have to plan our museum trips around Wednesday! Wednesday is such a busy day for us and I was wondering just how we were going to get our Museum fixes in ( we are addicted!)

Another free treasure is called History at Your Feet. It is 11 different historic places within a 2.46 mile walking distance. We have lived in this area a very long time and never done the tour! All but one of the places is FREE. Today we visited the Norfolk Southern Railway Museum. Hubby is a railway hobbiest. We did not even know this place exhisted!  Other places on the tour that we plan to see this year: Mac Arthur Memorial, Moses Myers House  ( 1792), Freemason Baptist Church, ( 1848),  a revival gothic style.Willoughby - Baylor House ( 1794), St Pauls Episcopal Church, pre Revolutionary War, has a cannon ball lodged in a wall. ( 1739),Epworth United Methodist Church,( 1850) known for it's 22 stained glass windows and Romanesque-style.

Look for photos in the future of these sites! 

We ended our "free" day with a trip to one of our favortie thrift stores. Em found a chinese style vase ( large) and Naomi found a brand new ( tags still on) picture board.


  1. I'm so happy for you!! The nearest art museum to us is almost 40 miles away; it's so disappointing. When we do finally make time to go, it's outrageously expensive, so we just don't go anymore. I'm looking forward to getting back to local museums. Yay!

    I would *love* to come do the History at Your Feet with you all! It sounds fantastic. I'm looking forward to the photos - thanks for sharing them with us!

    Have a great day, my friend!



  2. You gals are very blessed ! I sure wished we had something like this. Would you all share some of your sketches with us ? I am hoping to get back into my drawing this year. [0=

    Sending you HUGE ((HUGS))

    In Him<><


  3. You must live in a neat city.


  4. Oh, we used to do art galleries all the time, too, but there are none close to our current home. You're so lucky! We will try to go a few times this year. Thank you for reminding me.

    Thank you also for the links. Those will be good to look at.

    Annie Kate


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