I posted this a few weeks ago but not many saw it so I thought I would recycle a post for todays Show and Tell. This is a busy season for us!

I am always amazed at my children: their differences, their talents and how fast they are making their way in this world.

My second oldest ( 18) is a talented guitar player. He is very passionate about it. He is almost completely self taught. He graduated from highschool ( homeschool) in May and is now pursuing a degree in music and recording arts. Currently he is part of a band called Beautiful Discord. They play for the Lord. This past week we got a chance to be at two of the bands performances.  Here are a few photos,




  1. Looks like they are having a blast!

  2. Wonderful to see one to follow God's giftings ! May the Lord bless him in this road and may it all be for the glory of the Lord !

    Thank you for showing the happenings even in the older children. [0=

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


    PS: for vinegar you add mother( that is what they call the vinegar culture) to the apple cider. Or sometimes if you leave the apple juice alone sometimes it turns to vinegar on its own. We will be making sure it happens by adding the mother. [0=

  3. I think I *might* have figured out another asthma trigger. Whenever I have to register patients who are being tested for H1N1, I have to put on a special type of mask that fits very tightly, wear a gown and gloves. After processing several patients the last couple of days, I notice that I start feeling like I'm going to pass out, and am a little short of breath. All we can figure is that perhaps it is the latex gloves. I made the switch yesterday afternoon to the other type of gloves. Next week, when I start registering more H1N1 patients, we should find out quickly if that is what caused my problem. (There likely won't be too many tests for that today since it's the weekend.)

  4. They should have been at our party yesterday, we could have used a "Live" band!

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie


Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. Psalms 143:8