Freemason Baptist Church Exterior Views

Last week we continued our tour of Norfoks History at Your Feet. These are free tours. I always walk away feeling as though I had been transported back to that time period. With cameras in hand ( we had two that day) we set out to learn all we could about two historic churches in the city of Norfolk. Our first stop was Freemason Street Baptist Church. Church is still held there today. Built in 1848 ,it is a neo gothic style and was designed by Thomas U Walter, the designer of our nations  Capital Dome. The bell was founded by Meneely Bell Foundry in 1850.

Exterior Views. The exterior is horsehair stucco on brick.



"The tall steeple of the church holds aloft the only one left of the dozens of plain and fancy old weathervanes that formerly indicated the direction of the wind in downtown Norfolk. Created by some long-forgotten Nineteenth Century tinsmith, the vane is an imaginative copy of Gabriel's trumpet. It was placed on top of the original spire (a much taller one than the present one) when the church was built."

Above quote from: Norfolk Highlights 1584 - 1881
By George Holbert Tucker
Chapter 41

Well that is the exterior of this beautiful historical building. In another post I will take you inside this jewel.

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  1. What AMAZING archatechture (sp ???) !!! My dad gave me the love of looking at how building are built. That would have been a good job venture but I never thought of it as a young lady. But I have a wonderful job now...being a homeschool mama. [0=

    I love how you displayed your pics with Picnik ! I looks fab !

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) in Him<><



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