Thursday Talkin About Teenagers

"Got teens? You lucky dogs. 
Spend time with them; enjoy them; listen to them; and love them. 
They are the most incredible people, these emerging adults,
and they can become the best friends you'll ever have."
~Diana Waring, Reaping the Harvest. The Bounty of Abundant-Life Homeschooling~
Join Us Each Thursday! Here's How:

  • Simply write a positive post about something (or things) that your homeschooling teenager has done which impressed you this week.  Keep it focused on good/encouraging/growth-maturity-related things you've observed about them; lessons they've learned, or that you've learned through them.  

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I thought I would start this meme with many of the positive things my two teens have done this past month. ( no prompting from the parents) While this may seem small it is indeed a step in the growing up process.

  • DD1 Vacuumed my bedroom. Shampooed her bedroom carpet. Vacuumed the living room. Dusted.

  • DD2 is my organizer. Often I will find the pots and pan cupboard completely organized. Also the silverwear drawer.

  • Both gals have kept their rooms really clean and organized, fed their pets, and spent a great deal of time with their birds.

  • We are in and out alot during the week. Both gals have done well to keep up with their studies, do house work, babysitting jobs, and often have lunch ready for us.  Both also help to teach kids church and the oldest plays piano for the sunday morning service. Learning how to balance all of this is so important and I think they are both doing a great job.

  • And last but not least I am thankful that both gals love to help decorate. It has been wonderful to see them take charge this year with the fall and christmas decorations. They really enjoy doing it! ( you can see the fruits of their labor in the below post) I am reminded how I use to plan each of the 25 days before Christmas so they would have a memory. Now they are planning!

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  1. Thanks so much for joining the meme, Tina! Loved reading this, isn't it SUCH a blessing when we start to not only see the fruits of our years of training and labor, but to begin to HARVEST those fruits? Oh how I long to "fast forward" moms of pre-teens who are feeling weary and "hopeless" about homeschooling their teenagers through to the end, to let them experience this wonderful time of life! If you're a weary mom out there and you're reading this, hang in there! It is SO good!!! God does bless us richly :-)

    Thanks again for joining, Tina!

    Lori (aka Plans4You)


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