Thursday: Talkin' About Teens



"Got teens? 
Spend time with them; enjoy them; listen to them; and love them. 
They are the most incredible people, these emerging adults,
and they can become the best friends you'll ever have."
~Diana Waring, Reaping the Harvest. The Bounty of Abundant-Life Homeschooling~

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  • Simply write a positive post about something (or things) that your homeschooling teenager has done which impressed you this week.  Keep it focused on good/encouraging/growth-maturity-related things you've observed about them; lessons they've learned, or that you've learned through them.  

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This was a hard week in the parenting department. If I could wipe the slate clean and start all over I would! Oh please tell me you understand?!

But this is a positive meme so I will share something sweet. My 13 year old and her friend went thrift store shopping with me on Saturday. We had a blast!  They purchased an old cup trophy for a quarter. I ask what it was for. A friend of theirs who is a top notch cheerleader missed getting a trophy this year because she was late for one game. So the gals are having all her friends sign the trophy to give to her. Sweet!  I bet that trophy will mean more to her in the years to come than any trophy she has won cheerleading.


  1. Hi Tina (I'm on a roll this morning, lol, just call me butter)~

    I so completely understand about wanting to wipe the slate clean - and I'm sorry you had one of "those" parenting weeks. ((HUGS)) It isn't easy, but so very worth it. You are not alone - we're on this journey with you. Next week may be my week - you just never know.

    What a sweet idea for your daughter and her friend to do - that should encourage you that you're winning the war, even if your last battle was something of a stinker. :)

    love you!


  2. Oh Tina, do we understand??? WE UNDERSTAND!!! And we ALL want to start over at times...many times! But as Shani said, this should be a wonderful sign that you're "winning the war." What a wonderful thing your daughter and the other girls are doing for their friend! I'll tell you what, I was a varsity cheerleader in high school...and looking back, I wish I'd never been involved with it. I was the "whipping post," you might say, the girl with the skills but not the "super cool/popular" factor. I always was (and felt) left out while in the crowd. I think it was God's way of pulling me away from that bunch so that I would be able to see Him when He reached out to me in college (where I first heard the Gospel and how to respond to it...though it still took a few more years to get through). Anyway, you are absolutely right...that cheerleader will cherish the "friendship trophy" over the years far and away more than the cheap group accolades! Way to go, girls!


    Lori (aka Plans4You)

  3. That is a very sweet gesture.

  4. That is soooooooo sweet ! Thank you for showing me I don't have to write out a amazing post to take the time to count a blessing that one of my young adults have shown. I am going to take sometime ...as short as it will be to count a blessing.

    You are very right...she will cherish that MORE than the other award more as she grows older. What a blessing

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><



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