Tightwad Tuesday


As part of planning for the new year I begin take stock of what is in the pantry, plan several weekly menus and try to get back on track in the kitchen. Using what I already have in my pantry saves money and time. Planning new to our family recipes gets rid of dinner time hum drum. I use the down time of Christmas break to plan and organize. I found several sites that helped me to get started.

http://leftoverchef.com/  Great for using up the leftovers that we all have lurking in the fridg.

Calculators to help plan a recipe for what you already have.




http://www.momadvice.com/food/pantry_planning.aspx 4 weeks of menu plans

http://www.recipelink.com/faqs.html tons of links


  1. These links I can't wait to check out !! It will have to wait till after the week ene though. ((sniff sniff)) I am getting ready for the BIG family dinner on Friday. I am the hoast of course. I am the one with the house that can fit everyone so I have the job. [0=

    I hope we can have a chat some day soon.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

    In Him<><


    PS: I responded to your comment on my post. [0=

  2. The Christmas break from school is a great time to try and reorganize, isn't it??? My pantry can get awful crowded in the back :-( Need to get in there and see what I have and what I can make with it! Thanks for the reminder :-)


    Lori (aka Plans4You)


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