Thursday Talkin About Teens

A while back dd1 ask if she could buy her friends guitar. We approved but were puzzled by her sudden interest in a new musical instrument as she showed no previous interest in playing the guitar. ( she plays piano and sings) Its her brother who has all the guitars and equipment.

I am pleased to say she spends hours learning how to play. It is a pleasure to hear melodious sounds coming from two sides of the hall upstairs. She seems to be, with the help of her brother and a friend, learning quickly.

Meanwhile dd2 is burning up the books...She has read 16 novels since September. She is also honing her skills in the Chinese language, chinese culture, and drawing.

So why do I mention all of this? These are topics my children are self taught in. Guided only by the delight of wanting to learn. All three of them spend hours doing what they love to learn without prompting from parents or any formal lessons. Often we have to tell them to please put "it" away and go to bed!

The oldest ( who is now married) still plays at his work. What he grew up learning on his own became his passion and his occupation.

It is good to evaluate what your child does naturally. What delights them? Are you leaving time in their day for creative delight learning? Are you providing resources for it? Do you support what they are passionate about?


  1. Oh Tina, I couldn't agree more!!! I love those sounds of music. When I tried to push the music lessons, I got "pushback" and they made no progress. It's been a few years, and now Bryan is taking piano lessons (his own request) at age 18, and Nathan is self-teaching the guitar, too. What a blessing!



  2. Does your daughter have a specific method she is using like a DVD or book? My son wants to learn and I cannot afford lessons right now.


  3. I love hearing these testimonies. I love watching the boys grow in their intrests.

    Sending you HUGE ((HUGS)). I am not around as much as I would like b/c trying to get the home more organised and de junk as much as I can.

    Love you SSiC


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