Day At The Zoo: Part 2...the Entrance

The World. This granite globe floats on a cushion of 1/4 inch of water. Nothing else holds it up.

I love the zoo for the flowers. These are at the entrance.


  1. Oh those are great. We have one at a local park. It amazes me. Lovely flower pictures, too.

  2. I have seen one of those floating spheres at the Seattle Center or was it the Vancover, BC Aquarium ? They are sooooooo neat ! You two must have had a GREAT time together. What a blessing. Are you going somewhere this week end ? Well you are on my heart and mind.

    Sending you Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
    In Him<

  3. Yes we had a great time! We plan to go to the Marine Science Museum on Monday.

  4. I love going to the zoo with my dd. We always have so much fun there. I may have to schedule a vacation day on their 1/2 price day this fall so we can do it again.

  5. Wish we had a half price day! We do have a free hour each week but one hour is not enough time any more. So we saved up and spent the whole day there. It was very much worth it!


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