Weekly Wrap Up

From the Heart: Oh my heart is full! You know the feeling: bubbling over. Change is good. It brings new perspective and new beginnings, enables us to let go of "stuff" ( like habits we hang on to because its comfy)

Having just one child at home for 8 weeks is a huge change ( the 19 yo is home too but seldom seen!). We are having a great time. She is enjoying cooking, going on outings, having uninterrupted reading time, and being very helpful around the house. Its like getting to know a whole new person. I am enjoying this time with her very much.

After many years of homeschooling only at home ( no coop, enrichment ect) we plan to let the gals attend an enrichment school this fall. They offer things I cannot teach. ( like Chinese, debate, speech ) They will still be very much homeschooled, just enriched with a few classes taught by someone else.  A long with going to an enrichment school comes a cost. This is more than we have. I will be sharing later on this provision! We are excited about this opportunity.

Naomi is working at a christian camp this summer as a counselor. She has done well thus fall ( we miss her very much!). She learned today that she will be working in horse camp this coming week. So she is gaining many many experiences. 

Our Adventures: This week we went to the zoo. Had a wonderful time! Have not been there since 2004. So many changes. However the best change is seeing it through Emily's eyes! She is still the adventurer , the explorer. The trees beckoned for her to climb, the flowers to be photographed, and she enjoyed reading the info plaques. We spent the whole day there. You can see post on our trip ( and more to come).

We Mall walked one day as we did not have time to get hot and sweaty. This was interesting! Harder than one might think. A few too many distractions for me but very doable in hot or cold weather. The upstairs is carpeted so it is easier on the joints.

Every Tuesday night we go to a trailer park in a very poor community and help teach what we call Tuesday Night Church. Its really fun and rewarding. We feed the kids dinner, do praise and worship, a bible story, and a craft. The kids themselves names it Tuesday Night Church and for some it is the only church they get to attend. The kids range in age from 4 to young adult. We have the elementary side and the age 13 and up side. These kids deal with stuff way beyond their years. Its heart-wrenching.

We are still going our each week to minister to the homeless. Last week we witnessed a miracle. Always amazes me! ( even thought we ask the Lord to heal!)

Last night we went out to dinner with some friends to a German restaurant. Very very good food Huge portions. Cute place in an very old building. I can't pronounce what I ate let alone spell it. It was pork loin in a batter that was fried and topped with mushroom gravy. I had of course German Potato Salad, cucumber salad and fries with it...not a diet meal by any means!  We also had appetizers. Fried mushrooms and pretzel bread. Both very very good. Emily even tried a mushroom and loved it!

After dinner we went to Harbor Fest. ( we live on the water), for the fireworks. It was very nice. .  While waiting for the fireworks we visited an art shop. Wonderful hand made by local artist jewerly, paintings , ceramics, and more. A feast for the eyes. I found a painting that I just fell in love with and would have loved to have bought. Its sunflowers!  ( my favorite) But the $800.00 price tag kinda made it a dream vs reality. Its sure was beautiful though. Emily said if I buy her a canvas she will paint one for me. Now that would be priceless and worth so much more.

We even took in a movie this week. ( matinee prices are awesome!)

Lots of work continues with the Food Pantry. This month the food bank is offering all food at 9 cents per pound. So we are gathering much! This take us much of our mornings.

Around the House: Lots going on! We had the inside and outside tested for lead. This has to be done before we replace any of the windows of have the tin roof painted.  Hubby is cleaning out the basement and the room we call the garage. We are preparing Naomi's room so she can paint it when she is home in August. I have to sand the walls and prime them. Right now we are just packing up her stuff so we can have as little as possible in the room. Cleaning is easier...no ones home :( Very different for me! Cooking is another area I am having to relearn. Much smaller portions!

 On the Book Shelve: Lead Like Ike by Geoff Loftus ( this is a Booksneeze book), Should We Fire God by Jim Pace and Jesus Freaks by DC Talk. Also on Day36 of Through the Bible in 90 Days. Reading the bible this way has been amazing. You see the whole picture. The true character of God.

We are enjoying the long summer days. It has been cooler than normal and very very nice.


  1. What a wonderful time you all had at the zoo. The food at your special night out sounds like it was really good too. I am glad that you had such a wonderful week.

  2. Looks like a very nice zoo.

    I'm also doing the Read the Bible in 90 Days and our group is halfway through as of today! I've been enjoying it also.

    And...saw your link to Spark... I'm a member and Love it!


  3. Our church is doing "90 days". Its very good. Never thought I could do this!
    I have not been on Spark in months. It was really vital in my losing 53lbs last year. I really should get back on there.

  4. Sounds like a very interesting week! I'm anxious to hear about the Lord's provision for you regarding school.

    I posted an update right after you left a comment. I will be off work through at least Monday of next week.

  5. In answer to your question, no I didn't see the dr. Called the nurse, who wants me to remain off work through Monday. I'm currently wearing boxers to help alleviate the pain, but I need to try to go back to the regular stuff since that is what I'll want to wear when I head back to work.

  6. Hi Tina,
    Two things really struck me about your post today. One - getting time with one child. I have four also and rarely get that alone time with a child. My youngest and I got one whole day this past weeked - what fun. We ate pizza and bought and built a Lego set together. :-) The other was cooking for the right portions! lol I KNOW how that is! After cooking for six forever, it's hard to cook for four and I couldn't imagine cooking for two. :-)
    Nice to meet you!


  7. I am enjoying the talking with her more than anything...no one else to bud in on her conversation. She is the only child for these few weeks. Something not to many youngest of the family get to experience.

  8. What a wonderful week! You sound so bubbly!

    I hope this week is going just as well for your family.


    Annie Kate


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