The Zoo Part 4 Snakes!!!

They really are quite lovely and I am sure God had a great purpose in creating them. Click on the thumbnail and it will take you to the album.
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  1. I loved seeing the snake exhibit. It sure shows the creativity of our God! If I saw a snake outside its cage, I would freak out because they are rather creepy. But looking at them up-close, in a safe environment, is very fascinating!

    I saw a show on the Animal Planet last night that was talking about how Burmese Pythons are thriving in the Everglades, and they threaten to cause the extinction of some small animals. It was very interesting. It also makes me sure that I do not want to return to Florida anytime soon! LOL!

  2. I agree with you...as long as they are in a cage! I would be scared to live in florida. Just too many critters on the loose. Alligators, Wild Cats, the Pythons and more. Too much for me!


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