The Burger is GONE!

Some of you will remember our Mc Donald's Double Cheese Burger experiment. It all started with this_________ A fresh from the restaurant double cheese burger. We put the burger in these clear nacho containers and put this on a shelve in my kitchen. I took photos every month or so to document if the burger had grown any visible mold.

I was pretty grossed out by the results month after month. The bun dried and cracked and shrunk. NO MOLD OR ODOR. The burger and cheese also shrunk and dried very very hard. NO MOLD OR ODOR.
Here is the final result. The same burger 8 months later! Still no mold or odor.
I will let you draw your own conclusions. There are plenty of experiments just like mine out there on the web. Go take a look! Just Google Mc Donald's Burger  One Year Later.


  1. That is just so super gross. I plan to do a variety of burgers with the kids from different chains when we get settled in our new home.
    Blessings, Dawn


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